Project 365 - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer

01/15/17 - Ruby playing with her sweet little cousin Violet <3

01/16/17 - Ruby has always loved books. She likes to listen to us read, but more than that she likes to read them herself and tell us all about the stories she comes up with. ;)

01/17/17 - Peek a boo and puzzles!

01/18/17 - I was taking a photo of Ruby looking at her "treasure box" when she realized I was taking pictures and silliness ensued ;) Sometimes you can't just pick one favorite photo!

 01/19/17 - Cuddles with Daddy are a very regular occurrence around here. <3

01/20/17 - There is something really amazing about the extensive cereal selection at Target!

01/21/17 - Ruby and her cousin have a love of trains in common, and in this photo they were watching Youtube videos of trains going by with Grandpa ;)

The little every day moments are my favorite to capture. <3