Project 265 - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer

Today I am sharing more photos from my Project 365! The goal of this is simply to capture little moments in Ruby's life so she can look back on this year. :)

01/08/17 - Ruby is just a tiny bit too short to see out the back door, so I looked over to see Daddy letting her stand on his foot so she could see and thought it was the cutest thing! <3

01/09/17 - Ruby and Aunt Avery were having a serious talk about something. Not sure what ;)

01/10/17 - Sleepy little one <3

01/11/17 - Ruby and Chief (grandpa) watching the ducks at the zoo.

01/12/17 - Ruby loves coloring, and lately most of the time when she is coloring she is drawing balloons. ;)

01/13/17 - The story behind this photo is that Ruby put on her hat, her bumblebee wings, requested music and then broke into her best dance moves ;)

01/14/17 - Almost every single time we pick the kids up after they have spent time at Grandma's house, they all fall asleep in the van on the way home. :) So grateful to have family close by, they love speniding time with Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and uncles.