Project 365 - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer


This year I officially challenged myself to take at least one photo every day of my daughter, so I can design her an album at the end of the year for her to look back on. I love capturing these little memories for us to look back on someday! These are the photos from week 1!


01/01/17 - At 2.5 years old, Ruby absolutely loves her baby dolls and her books. In this moment she was sweetly reading her baby a story, so glad I was able to capture this sweet moment.

01/02/17 - These girls shadow each other all day, and I am so happy to see how much they love each other and play sweetly (most) of the time. ;)

01/03/17 - Ruby and our sweet little friend "R" sitting on the porch on a cold, wintery day. <3

01/04/17 - Ruby showed her little cousin Violet how to drink imaginary tea from a tea cup. ;) So fun to see these two bond and become great friends!

01/05/17 - Ruby's fish face! I love all her sweet facial expressions and they are so fun to document and look back on!

01/06/17 - We finally got a nice dusting of snow! Although it was short-lived, it was fun and Ruby didn't waste anytime getting outside to play and pretend to be Elsa from Frozen. ;) She was literally singing "Let it go!" in this photo.

01/07/16 - I love my sweet girl's imagination. It is so inspiring for me to watch her pretend play, and it is so important to me to document so I can remember forever! In this photo she was rolling her necklaces out on a burp cloth. I asked what she was making and just looked at me and said "Cookies, mommy." Duh! ;)


Even though it's a big commitment to take a photo every single day this year, I am already so glad I decided to commit to it! These photos are priceless to me; I am so glad to have the little moments captured to remember forever!