M Family - Newborn Session - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer

This was such a sweet portrait session. I absolutely love to capture the sweet moments of families in the first few days after a baby is born.

Project 365 - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer

01/15/17 - Ruby playing with her sweet little cousin Violet <3

01/16/17 - Ruby has always loved books. She likes to listen to us read, but more than that she likes to read them herself and tell us all about the stories she comes up with. ;)

01/17/17 - Peek a boo and puzzles!

01/18/17 - I was taking a photo of Ruby looking at her "treasure box" when she realized I was taking pictures and silliness ensued ;) Sometimes you can't just pick one favorite photo!

 01/19/17 - Cuddles with Daddy are a very regular occurrence around here. <3

01/20/17 - There is something really amazing about the extensive cereal selection at Target!

01/21/17 - Ruby and her cousin have a love of trains in common, and in this photo they were watching Youtube videos of trains going by with Grandpa ;)

The little every day moments are my favorite to capture. <3

George Family - Lifestyle Session - Tulsa Family Photographer

This session is among my favorites of all time. It was so fun to visit the bakery and park with the adorable George family and capture these memories for them. <3 I couldn't pick just a few favorites, so I picked the ones I love the most for this slideshow. Enjoy the cuteness!

Project 265 - Copper Sky Photography - Tulsa Photographer

Today I am sharing more photos from my Project 365! The goal of this is simply to capture little moments in Ruby's life so she can look back on this year. :)

01/08/17 - Ruby is just a tiny bit too short to see out the back door, so I looked over to see Daddy letting her stand on his foot so she could see and thought it was the cutest thing! <3

01/09/17 - Ruby and Aunt Avery were having a serious talk about something. Not sure what ;)

01/10/17 - Sleepy little one <3

01/11/17 - Ruby and Chief (grandpa) watching the ducks at the zoo.

01/12/17 - Ruby loves coloring, and lately most of the time when she is coloring she is drawing balloons. ;)

01/13/17 - The story behind this photo is that Ruby put on her hat, her bumblebee wings, requested music and then broke into her best dance moves ;)

01/14/17 - Almost every single time we pick the kids up after they have spent time at Grandma's house, they all fall asleep in the van on the way home. :) So grateful to have family close by, they love speniding time with Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and uncles. 

Atchison Family

Now that Christmas is over, I'm excited to share a few of my favorites of the Atchison family! I absolutely love taking photo of my sister, brother in law and adorable little niece. <3


How cute are those little chubby cheeks?! <3


I love all of Violet's expressions, so adorable!